Port Lympia, a very ‘zen’ car park!

Sep. 2019
Port of Nice
Port Lympia, a very ‘zen’ car park!

Since the 1st of August 2019, it has been possible to book a parking space via the Zenpark online platform. This shared parking service was created in 2013 and maximises the use of parking spaces. Although the operator was already present in Nice, this is the first time that there has been a partnership with a structure like the Port Lympia car park.


Here the offer is for day packages only with the option of booking 1 to 10 days maximum (20 euros - 125 euros). How does it work? The customer books their package on the Zenpark website. Once there, they get a ticket which lets them enter and leave as they please during the period booked.


An excellent initiative, therefore, with a twofold benefit. In terms of service, it offers tourists a practical and convenient parking solution. In terms of the environment, searching for parking spaces in cities being responsible for 30% of car traffic (which represents almost 20% of CO2 emissions), booking your parking space in advance helps reduce car traffic and so improve urban mobility for all, including motorists, residents and local authorities.


Mme Michèle Maurel


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