Boat rental

Boat rental offers in Riviera Ports network

Boat rentals is offered in the ports managed by the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce, in order to better respond to the changes in the style of pleasure boating consumption.

On the one hand, this offer assists tourists staying on the French Riviera, who wish to rent a boat in one of our ports. On the other hand, it gives pleasure boat owners the possibility to earn a return from their boat, by entrusting its rental management to a local company.

  • At the port of Nice

From April, RENT MY BOAT gives to all people wanting to go to sea the possibility of renting a motor boat, with or without licence. Rentals are possible for hour(s), a half day, a full day or for several days.

The boats offered for rent belong to pleasure boaters with a berth in the port, who have made their boats available when they are not using them.

Open from 10 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday from April to June; then 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm from July to September 15th.

Find the Rent my boat base on the Quai Lunel. Parking Port Lympia nearby.

More info: 07 71 75 12 75



  • At the port of Golf-Juan

4 companies offer boats for rent at the old Port of Golfe Juan, ideally located just a few miles from the Iles de Lérins.






SEAWAYS Yachting offers a fleet of sailing yachts and cruising catamarans with or without skipper for rent at the Port of Golfe Juan.

Services offered : detailed suggested cruise itinerary, loan of paddle board, complete cleaning of boat, technical briefing, welcome pack, vehicle parking…


Fleet : Catamarans 11 to 16 m, sailing yachts 10 to 15 m.


71 Avenue des frères Roustan, 06220 GOLFE-JUAN

Tel. 04 92 93 15 69






Rental of boats from 5.5m to 7.5m, up to 8 passengers

Boats with outboard motor, equipped with sun awning, shower and sun bathing area

Rental by day or half-day

 37 Avenue des frères Roustan, 06220 GOLFE-JUAN

 Tel. 04 93 63 63 78




CNG Agence du Port has been offering motor boats for rent, with or without skipper for more than 20 years.

Our fleet of rental boats evolves each year, in order to offer you recent models in perfect condition, and to best meet your expectations.

Port Camille Rayon - 06220 GOLFE-JUAN

Tel. 04 93 63 01 52 / 06 13 73 82 40



Turnkey service : technical specifications provided, detailed briefing on the navigation zone and weather conditions, assistance with manoeuvring in the port (entering and leaving berth, refuelling on return).

Large selection of boats for rent by the day (half-day on request). Water sports equipment provided, depending on availability

Fleet: 6m – 10m boats, mainly recent models of Capelli RIBs


27 avenue des frères Roustan, 06220 GOLFE-JUAN

Tel. 04 97 04 73 63



  •  At the Port of Villefranche Darse


DARK PELICAN, located at the Port of Santé de Villefranche-sur-Mer, offers a fleet of 17 boats, with and without permit, and also with skipper.

Depending on the boat rented, there is the possibility of sailing to Monaco, Menton, or even to Cannes and the magnificent Iles de Lérins. 


1 quai Amiral Courbet, 06230 VILLEFRANCHE SUR MER

Tel. 04 93 01 76 54


An additional service is offered to pleasure boat owners wishing to rent out their boats during the periods when that are not sailing, by delegating the rental management to a partner company in the port.


How does it work ?


  • The company offers to manage the rental of your boat, in order to obtain an income during the periods when you are not using it, without depriving you of your regular use of the boat.Le professionnel vous décharge de la responsabilité de la location de votre bateau, car comme pour un loueur traditionnel, tout le processus est à sa charge : publicité, planning de réservation, accueil des clients et briefing par ses équipes, cautionnement, états des lieux, plein d’eau et carburants, règlements, dépannage en mer si besoin...


  • The company relieves you of the responsibility for renting your boat, since, as for traditional rentals, it takes care of the whole process : publicity, reservation scheduling, client welcome and briefing by its team, security deposits, inventory, filling up with water and fuel, payments, assistance at sea, if required…


  • The company will check and advise the boat owner how to obtain the best rental insurance contract


  • Throughout the season, the owner can track the number of rentals and the revenue obtained


At the Port of Nice


Rent My Boat manages the rental of boats in perfect condition, serviced at the beginning of the season.


Rent My Boat will manage your boat from its own base, office and pontoons, located on the right bank (west) of the port, at the exit of the new underground parking station (Quai Cassini).

Rent My Boat specialises in open and semi-rigid motor boats from 5 to 8 metres with outboard motors less than 10 years old. The motor must be serviced and the hull cleaned.


Contact Rent My Boat




At the Port of Golfe Juan​


Two companies offer the port’s pleasure boat owners wishing to rent their boat during periods during which they are not navigating, the possibility of entrusting them with the rental management : SEAWAYS YACHTING for sailing yachts and SEA ONE YACHTING for motor boats.



SEAWAYS YACHTING and SEA ONE YACHTING will advise you on the maintenance and repair of your boat and if you wish will prepare a quotation for the necessary work:

 - Management of your boat throughout the year

- Pre-rental preparation of your boat : maintenance and cleaning

- Localisation system for your boat, if desired.


Contacts :



71 Avenue des frères Roustan, 06220 GOLFE-JUAN

                                Tel. 04 92 93 15 69







27 avenue des frères Roustan, 06220 GOLFE-JUAN

                                Tel. 04 97 04 73 63