Renovation project for the Port of Cannes boatyard

Nov. 2017
Port of Cannes
Renovation project for the Port of Cannes boatyard


A huge renovation project has been undertaken on the boatyard area at the Old Port of Cannes.  This will have a visual impact, of course, but will also lesult in optimized operating conditions.


Careening operations in Cannes will have a new face, with new signage and dual road markings to improve the quality of operations at the site. This development will also enable up to twelve thirty-metre boats to leave the water for winterizing instead of three.


New water and electricity terminals on the floating pontoons, replacement of the unsightly old ones, new individual caissons leased out for external service providers' materials and fifteen storage spaces to be rented to professionals working at the site will complete the picture.


The Port of Cannes offers a public boatyard area, with equipment and know-how.


With public prices, free personalized estimates and a special ten per cent reduction for customers of the network of five ports managed by the Nice Côte d’Azur, the service has recently been overhauled in order to meet its customers' needs. We should mention here that the Port of Cannes' careening area, which is located at Quai Laubeuf, has a capacity of 37 boats, and that 21 of the places can take boats longer than 14.5 metres.


Find out more about the careening services offered by the Port of Cannes 


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