Annual Berth

It is possible, and much easier than you may think, to obtain an annual berth for your boat. Boat use fashions are changing, and the waiting time to get an annual berth is shortening.

How to sign up for the waiting list


Limit of 18 metres for the ports of Golfe-Juan and Nice.
Limit of 12 metres for the Port of Cannes.

The applications for an annual berth are reviewed each year during berth allocation commissions and the allocations are based on the types of berths available and your position on the waiting list.

For which types of contract?

The ports issue annual occupation contracts, renewed each year by signature for a berth. The contract provides a certain number of days and/or nights during the year, according to the size of the vessel.

Consult the annual contract fees: Port of Cannes / Port of Golfe-Juan / Port of Nice

Consult the procedure for monitoring the waiting lists and the allocation of annual contracts

The departmental ports, managed by the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce, offers you a new type of contract, allowing several joint boat owners to benefit from an annual contract.

This system, undergoing testing in the ports of Cannes and Golfe-Juan in 2016, responds to the needs of some of our clients to share the ownership of their boat, to share its costs and to extend the benefit of an annual berth to a larger number of people.

Multi-owner contract

If you have already registered on the waiting list

To check your position on the waiting list, renew your application online or request a category modification.