Port News

Jul. 2019

A new service at the Port of Nice: delivery of breakfast on board

A new service has been set up for all the port’s pleasure boaters (loyalty cardholders and non-cardholders alike).

Slipway: no more sliding!

The slipway of Golfe-Juan Port is free for all port customers and external users, on the condition they do not leave their trailer in the port.

A water fountain reserved for pleasure boaters

Installed in June 2016, the port’s drinking water fountain (still and fizzy water) proved a victim of its own success.

Jun. 2019

Save the date: 29 June for the port of Cannes celebration


Roadworks along Quai Napoléon: new features designed to improve traffic flow

Installed as part of the renovation work carried out in 2017, it soon became apparent that the central reservation along Quai Napoléon was a source

Jun. 2019

Ferry: a new route to Sicily!

The company Corsica Ferries, which offers crossings between Sardinia and the port of Nice, has announced a new feature for 2019: the opening of a c